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3 Sep 2013

Its Going to The End

You know what, the moment you said that our friendship will last forever, honestly, I kept that word. I believe in you, I trust in your words. Seriously, now, I don't feel like I can't believe that word again. I can see now, our friendship, day by day has become, I don't know. I feel like you are running away. If those feelings I have toward you, is the reason why this friendship is ruining, then I'll go. Sorry. Sorry for this unpredictable feelings. Trust me, I never expect to have this feelings for you. Really, I hate myself for this. But now, I don't know what else to say. How I miss the old you, how you treated me before, how we can laugh with our jokes together, how we can.. I just, can't forget all that. I'll try, but please forgive me, because I'm gonna sacrifice our friendship, again it is because, this feeling I have, it's ruining everything. It ruins the way I look at you, the way I laugh when you are joking, and even the way I breath whenever I see you. I can't bear this, seriously. Because I know, I like you, I miss you, but you.. miss her. Like her. Love her. I know :') I will just walk away, sorry for doing this. Later, if you notice that I'm running away from you, please don't ask me anything, the reason or anything, please.. just don't :') Thanks for had given me chance to say all my feelings toward you, thanks for used to be there, making me laugh, making me happy. Seriously, I miss you, a lot. A lot. A lot and, really a lot. I miss you, but I can't just say it. Thanks for everything 


Terima Kasih Sudi Baca Cerita Saya ^^,

6 ulasan:

  1. Tanpa Nama3/9/13 03:16

    sy phm mcm mne prasaan awk

    1. :') orang yang pernah mengalami, akan memahami :')

    2. Tanpa Nama5/9/13 17:27

      mmg prnah mngalami pkara yg same..


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