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21 Jul 2013

Ada Sesuatu Menanti Kita

Assalamualaikum, again and hye. Dear blog, I'm typing with tears falling down. Never thought this will happen twice. Me and him, I'm sorry. Thats all I want to say. I never want to hurt you. You're one of those who always be with me. Whenever I laugh, you'll laugh with me. Whenever I cry, you'all always be beside me, listening to all my stories. I know, its all my fault. We broke up, then we got back together, still its because I love you. But now, I need to let you go, please understand sayang :'( I really dont wanna hurt you. We're being far, you are over there, while I'm here. I'm afraid that someday, I'll change. And that will hurt you more. I'm really sorry for doing like this. I know I'm hurting you now. But rather than later, I'll hurt you now, because you'll get hurt more worst than this if we keep going.

Human's heart can change. Thats what I'm afraid of. I'm afraid that I'll change. I'm totally have confident in you sayang. The way you love me, the way you appreciate me, I know if I let you go, for me to find someone who will love me as the way you did, is tough. My future with other, will no be the same as my past with you. I still love you. Almost two years we have been together. We managed to overcome all problems we faced. I really appreciate all loves and attention you gave to me. I really do. You're the one who taught me loyalty. I've never been this loyal to someone I love. But with you, I turned up become another person. You taught me that, your sincerity, really touched my heart. I'm sorry Hazsrul :'(

You're my ngokngek. I love you, till now, I love you. But please, let me go. Trust in JODOH sayang, if I meant to be with you, I'll be your someday, no worries. If you want me, pray for us :') But now, let me go first, we have no idea, what our future will be right? But, pray, something that might change it. Our desire, with sincere heart, we might get what we want. I'll let you go now. Please, do not stop yourself from meeting someone that better than me. You deserve that sayang, I'm really sorry.
This song, I dedicate it for you. I hope you'll read this post.

Terima Kasih Sudi Baca Cerita Saya ^^,

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