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3 Feb 2014

Rasa yang Bertanda

Tersenyum. Itu yang aku tahu sekarang. Heart Stealer, you caused me a really bad disease. Am I losing my mind now? I have no idea, why I can't stop myself from smiling whenever you're around. What a great impact you left by your words. You, caught my heart. You, make me smile. You, make me laugh. You, make me feel like, I'm very lucky. You said that I'm your Heart Stealer. I stole your heart. Let me tell you. You are my Heart Stealer. 

Rasa yang bertanda. Ya, rasa ini mula bertanda dalam hati. Rasa ini yang buat aku tersenyum sepanjang hari. Rasa ini, buat aku ternanti-nanti. Bukan nak bermadah, tapi bila rasa ini wujud dalam hati, tangan menaip laju, mengikut luahan hati. I've started, liking you. Even worse, I've started, loving you. You ask me why, you ask me when. All I can say, I don't know. When and why. I don't have that answers. all I know, I just did.

Now, here it comes. I've started, liking and loving you. After all, I've started, missing you. Thinking of you. Missing your laugh and your texts. Yes, we're apart, and it's just started. Maybe it's much too soon to tell, but I'm missing you, badly. I said I have nothing. You can find someone, more kind, prettier, taller, skinnier and much better than me. You said you don't want someone better than me, because I'm good enough for you. And you said you have nothing. Now listen, for me, you have everything good for me, because you're perfect the way you are. Do you know, you melt me. Really. I, am melting. 

I don't hope too much, for us. Because, we'll never know our future and what's gonna happen one day. But at present, I'll just try, and give my very best for us to stay. And if one day, He says that ' Us ' is not meant to be, then stay still, as one of my best memories. Thank you, for this non-stop smiles you drew on my face, my Heart Stealer :)

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