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12 Sep 2014

Destined Fate

Found this in my old diary, well notebook maybe. I remember writing this about two months ago, if I'm not mistaken. Well since I take literature, haha, it seemed like I got into the literature mood at that time. So I rewrite this again

I'll tell you, shall I?
Something I remember
Something that still 
Means a great deal for me
I remember each moment
The first step
Which met you and me
Smileys we first shared
It got deeper, day by day
When the messages turned into long conversation
The moment, missing became longing
I remember the awkwardness
When our eyes first bumped
The calmness I found in those eyes
Those smile that led me to smile along
My heart was completely stolen
The moment we exchanged our heart
The moment we fell deeply into each other
Every day wasn't complete
Without listening to your voice
We were longing to each other
Those dreams we drew
Saying how much we needed each other
And the dreams to be together
Believe me
I was so happy my love
But things turned out different
Out of expectation
Now, all I can see
Is just how far we'd fallen apart
It downs me, to see how different you are
Is it so easy?
For me to be forgotten
Everything we've shared
Seems means nothing to you
And it seems like, you don't even care anymore
The way you cut me out of your life
Pains me
I am deeply hurt
For still hoping for your existence
But it was long ago
That is the farthest things
That I will never forget
But I know
It won't mean much to you
September  11, 2014

Terima Kasih Sudi Baca Cerita Saya ^^,

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